Getting Fucking Filthy
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Starring: Cassandra Nix
If you couldnt tell from the beginning of this scene, Cassandra Nix is into some rough, barbaric and filthy sex! From torn up fishnets to ball gags there is nothing this girl wont do in the name of being dirty! Being tied up is nothing to Cassandra and she loves it when shes roughed up and she cant do anything about it! Our boy bent her over the bathtub and started off slow - until he almost tore her a new vagina and held her head under water while fucking her! Our boy noticed how tight and pretty Cassandras butthole was, so he decided to stretch it out by shoving his massive cock deep in her ass! This scene is NUTS! Which is just the way we like it! Dont believe us? Youll change your tune when you see Cassandra being urged to vomit out the jizz that was in her mouth!