Hogtied Bondage Video

Lets Make A Deal
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Starring: Miko Dai
Its moving day for Miko Dai! The thing is, she doesnt know shes being kicked out by her landlord. She tried to act all tough and asked him where her stuff was at, but her landlord laid down the law and let her know that everything in the house, including Miko, was his! He grabbed Miko by her throat and then tore off her top while he groped and sucked her perky tits! Miko got spanked for being a bad girl and got a couple of fingers shoved into her moist snatch. As if that wasnt enough, Mikos landlord decided to take it to the next level and hogtied her up and completely demolished her trimmed pussy. After shooting his enormous sticky load onto Mikos pretty face they worked out a deal where Miko could live there - as long as this happens every month.

Miko Dai Punishing Sex